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Vocabulary in Use - Student Feedback

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 11:50 PM
During a classroom exercise today after the lesson was complete, students were given a writing assignment to help demonstrate and assess knowledge gained.  The question was posed to which each student was required to write his or her response using at least two or three of the vocabulary words from the lesson.

Question:  How do you identify with Leslie as your teacher?

Of my 14 students, here are a few choice replies.

"She is an amiable, open-minded teacher who is the epitome of a good, inspiring ESL educator."

"I like your amiable personality.  I consider it as a happy occasion that our encounter took place today.  It is great how you are trying to make all students involved.  And your candy gift for everybody is a good way to absolve the atmosphere. Personally, I think you could be the perfect epitome for most of the teachers here."

"Leslie was very friendly and amiable, good professional teacher.  She absolved us of shyness and static.  Leslie is the epItome of good behavior and manners.

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Reply Enze Xiao
7:32 PM on May 17, 2016 
Hi Professor, I pretty enjoyed reading your blog, and I also think you are the wonderful teacher. I hope you continue to write blog.
8:20 PM on May 17, 2016 
Hi Professor, I like reading your blog very much. From my viewpoint, this is an interesting article. Also, I learned about some of your personalities.

All in all, you are the wonderful teacher and I hope you continue to write more.
Reply Siyu Qi
12:53 AM on May 18, 2016 
Dear professor,
This is my first time to visited your blog, and I also enjoy your blog. I'm very impressed with your first class. Suddenly , I found has been no more than three years to write your blog. I hope you can continue to write more. :)
Reply Jinlue Zou
3:49 AM on May 18, 2016 
Hi Prefessor,I like your blog.I think you are the excellence teacher.I will follow you.
Reply Professor Leslie
5:29 AM on May 18, 2016 
YEHAN TU says...
Hi Professor, I like reading your blog very much. From my viewpoint, this is an interesting article. Also, I learned about some of your personalities.

All in all, you are the wonderful teacher and I hope you continue to write more.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments: Enze, Yehan, Siyu, and Jinlue!! :-)
I look forward to seeing you all in class on Wednesday!
Reply Burton
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