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Language and Translation Services

Translation & Instruction

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Students from Kokushikan University visited the Empire State Building, one example of excursions taken during their study at The Language Connection program at St. John's University.

Leslie's English Language and Literacy Service focuses on providing quality expertise and customer satisfaction to English Language Learners of any age or origin. Our areas of focus include academic language, conversation skills, vocabulary, legal/medical terminology, and pronunciation. We aim to fulfill each particular need. 

Teaching English through song

In La Habana, Cuba during my 2012 cultural exchange here with teenagers during an English "singing" workshop. While I dictated the lyrics to the "Do-Re-Mi" song, the girls transcribed them into English. Questions were asked during the lesson. At the end of the workshop, the girls performed the song for an audience having utilized all 4 domains during the course.

> Reading

> Writing

> Listening

> Speaking

These 4 learning domains are used in each lesson.

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